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Contacts for Pataphysics website: SlowAlan and the mySF Project
More details on contacts are found in the two, main projects in this website, the SlowAlan system and the mySF Project.

Both SlowAlan and the mySF Project welcome contributions, collaborations, suggestions and responses to the main blog and podcast areas. The purpose of uploading much of this material here to this new website is to take existing content from where it is locked up in internal, password-protected Deep Web sites and administrative intranets and put it up here for public display, hoping for participation.

All material presented is free of copyright as defined by the Creative Commons license at the bottom of that page of content or in the metatags for the object.

You can contact the author of the SlowAlan blog and podcasts at:

You can contact the convenor of the mySF Project by email at, or through Outlook contacts email at and the Live Messenger contact is also

Both authors for SlowAlan and the mySF Project live in regional New South Wales, a state of Australia. They both spend too much time online and can also be contacted through Skype contacts with video at Greenwich MT +11 hours for the Eastern states of Australia.

This page was last updated on 24 January, 2008
Image of the convenor of the mySF Project, Michael Sisley